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Why We Should Highly Invest in Ourselves

How many times have we lost money and time investing in some big company with a fancy gimmick? This product will make our lives better, this money we're contributing will come back to us ten fold? Each product claims to be the one that will save our health or make us happy or fix our relationships forever.

Now there is nothing wrong with spending money on these things occasionally, but as Americans then we can probably agree that it can get completely out of hand. One upping one another over who can have the biggest house, the nicest car. "What school did you go to? Oh, what city are you from? Well went to Harvard (and my shit doesn't stink.)"

We've been bombarded with messages of what we should have or who we should be or what we should look like for what? To be convinced to buy in to some fancy company with great marketing tactics? Gag me.

So I'm here to propose a question: What if instead of investing all of our time to this company we may not feel is in line with our deepest values we did something else? What if instead of buying that $100,000 car we instead bought a good one for $10,000? And what if with all of that spare time and money we invested in the most valuable piece of property we could ever own: ourselves?

I'm saying we invest our time in pursuing passions, traveling somewhere new, taking a class about something we've always been fascinated with, or spending time with someone we admire. 

I'm suggesting that we explore our bodies through yoga, or rock climbing. I'm proposing we explore our minds by having deep conversations with people we never expected to speak to. I'm thinking we might connect to our spirits, our souls by finding God in new lights, at the top of a mountain or at the Buddhist monastery down the street.

Because while (most) worldly possessions lose their value in time, say driving off the parking lot in a brand new car, we become more valuable every single moment. The more life we life, the more we have to teach. The more heartbreak we live, the more heart we can share.

And when that company we invested forty years of time and money in to decides to close its doors, what we will be left with is ourselves. The same self we had from the very beginning, that will stick with us through the end.