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Vacation, Grand Cayman

To fly over the Caribbean is a spectacular experience. You think, how wonderful it is that the water is so clear, so blue, so calm. In reality, that water is deep, vast, even dangerous and certainly more complex than it appears. 

Then there was journeying to swim with the turtles. The water looked rough and unsafe. We almost got back in the car but to our surprise a couple waded out to the waters and happily floated around which gave us the confidence to do it, too.

Being in the water with your head above the surface, body below is unnerving when you look around and all you see is wide open water and waves. Your body is dangling below. However, when you finally go under, there is nothing but calm. I can even feel it now as I write this. 

How beautiful the sun was shining into the open water. Every once in a while you'd see a fish. Then there were the turtles that catch you by surprise. Graceful and happy, going up for air then back down again. One of the most beautiful experiences we've ever had.

Maybe you tried something new that looked so easy but it ended up being very difficult. Work through it, don't give up, be brave.

Maybe you want to try something new but it looks scary. Dive right in, you may be surprised at how beautiful that experience is.


Free The Artists

(p.s. check out this special treat, Jonathan Isaac Hagen singing on the beach)