Free The Artists


Our Greatest Gift

Our bodies speak to us.

They tell us what we need.

We are not our bodies.

Our souls exist on a higher plane. Our bodies exist on a physical plane. Our bodies are the tools that allow us to share our unique gifts with the world. No body is the same. Each body is here for its own reason. 

Our souls are light and free. Our souls are constantly flowing and evolving and transforming based on what is around us and what is inspiring us. We take on the properties of the souls we spend the most time with. We grow and evolve by learning from one another.

Our bodies, on the other hand are dealing with a different set of circumstances. They wake us up in the morning. They keep our hearts beating and our brains firing. The body takes us from our house to the park so that we can meet these new people and exchange these new ideas.

When we become injured, it is even more important that we stop to listen to what our body needs. We have been conditioned in this fast paced world to run to the doctor at the first sign that something is off. What usually ends up happening is we are prescribed medication, masking the pain.

What I'm here to say is that we should be allowing the pain. Pain is the steering wheel that teaches us how to heal ourselves. That hurts? Don't do it. That feels good, do it. When we allow our souls to be the students and our bodies to be the teachers, we become so powerful within ourselves. 

I hear a lot of people say that they want to feel better RIGHT NOW but any fix that happens externally is out of line with what the body really needs. Each body has the ability to heal itself naturally. That is what it was made for. 

I have heard a lot of people fight this issue. We sometimes take this information as "we are doing something wrong" when really it is meant to empower us.

It's really important to remember that physical injury/disease/illness happens to EVERYONE and it is never our fault. It is not punishment. 

It is not saying "you're a bad person and this is why you're sick." 

Instead it is saying "I am getting stronger. Let me handle this. Just trust me."

Often times we gain our deepest spiritual lessons through illness, addiction and injury.  

As we grow older we learn more and more how valuable our bodies are. Think about how incredible of a system it is; the brain, the heart, the spine. All of it is working together constantly. We don't even have to try to breathe. It just happens. We don't have to ask our hearts to beat. They just do. 

That information alone should be enough to humble us. That alone should inspire us to listen.