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Dog Season

All of my friends are getting dogs, I swear. I’ve managed to maintain my non-dog owner status as of now but don’t be shocked if you see me with a Yorkie soon.

I’m back in New York City after leaving in March. I spent two months in South Carolina and then five months in Maine. It was cool to dive back into massage and be down South. I worked with a couple of spas in SC and did some training which I’ve been wanting to get into, spa consulting. I can see how that will evolve as I get better and more experienced with the passing along of information side of working in the spa industry.

I received two new massage licenses this year, Maine and Colorado. I truly thought I’d end up in Colorado for at least a month or two this summer but ended up loving Sewall House Yoga Retreat so much that I stayed the entire season.

I’m currently sitting in my room in Brooklyn, feeling calm and centered, feeling the gears switching from that to this, just taking inventory of where I’m at and what’s around me and what I’m grateful for (a lot).

I’ve been preaching for a long time about living a life that you’re passionate about and don’t worry about the money and you’ll be supported and loved no matter what, take risks and live a life that allows you to flourish creatively.

You really do teach what you want to learn and are learning. I can see the fruits of many of the labors that maybe other people had discouraged me from because they couldn’t see the path (neither could I, I had to pave it) and the fruits of the support from my communities, too. It’s ALL a group effort.

It feels so good to sit back and look around and think, wow, people really are good and flawed all at the same time. I’m really inspired by people and the effort everyone is making to contribute, no matter how big or small. It’s all the same. With a million reasons to sit back and freak out about, it helps to just stop for a moment and give thanks for what’s actually working. It all starts with gratitude, no matter where you are, physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually. Stay with it.


Enjoy these photos of my last few weeks at Sewall House and the first few days back in the city.