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A new way of thinking about Confidence

Confidence is trust. Confidence is the ability to believe that someone will do what they said they would do. It is the art of letting yourself and others make mistakes while keeping your eye on the end result.

Last Sunday I was leaving the Swedish Institute after a CPR class and decided to go for a walk. It was about 70 degrees, not a cloud in the sky and I felt this calm wave over New York City.

As I walked from Chelsea down to the West Village I saw a sign that said “TAROT” and almost walked right inside but decided against it.

As I continued downtown there was a flashback to November 2012 right before my trip to LA. A good friend of mine had a party at her store in Charleston, complete with a psychic.

No kidding I was a little bit freaked out but went for it anyway.

Now I won't go in to detail about what she told me but what it came down to was that I was supposed to be going to California and that the more I wrote, the more doors would open.

It wasn't like she predicted all of these big specific life events but it was so nice to be reassured that I was on the right path.

So when I stumbled, half an hour later, upon this psychic sitting on the steps of her building in TriBeCa I said “hi” and she said “do you need to talk?”

We rode the elevator two floors up to her studio and the second thing she said to me was “right when I met you I saw California. What's in California?”

From that moment up until yesterday afternoon, the psychic and I met every day and worked on my confidence and trust.

I'd like to share with you what I learned.

Confidence is trust.

Trust is confidence.

The first step is to trust yourself. This means trusting that you can take care of yourself and that you will make good decisions in life.

The more you trust yourself the more your confidence grows.

The more confidence you have in yourself the more confidence you will start to have for other people.

Because you trust yourself to make good decisions you begin to trust others to do the same.

When you can trust other people, your confidence grows even more.

Having confidence and trust in others is a big sign that you are confidence and trusting of yourself.

If you expect goodness from others, you are really expecting goodness from yourself.

When you speak highly of others, you are speaking highly of yourself.

And my favorite:

Confidence eliminates confusion.

When we are confused about what direction to go all we have to do is be quiet for a moment and trust our “gut” to give us the right answer.

Noise creates confusion. Quiet creates confidence.

If you ever feel confused, remove yourself from the situation, be quiet for a minute and when you're ready, proceed.

Proceed with trust and confidence in yourself and those around you.

Say this to yourself:

I embrace my gifts and talents

I create my life through positive thoughts

I trust that everything I have been through in life has led me to be the amazing person I am today

My soul is glowing and giving

MUCH love,