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Every new year begins with great expectations, high hopes and dreams of new ventures, new heights we will attain in the coming year. We are asked countlessly, “what's your new year's resolution?” and if we haven't come up with the perfect answer will usually scrounge something off the top of our heads.

Intentions are good but how often do we really follow through? Not to burst the New Year bubble but are we just creating excess anxiety and expectations for ourselves or is it really the first day of the great adventure that will be the next 365 days of our lives?

Well, it's really all up to you! And here is a compilation of ways that you can, if you so choose (and haven't yet), start your year off on a super-positive note. Enjoy!

  1. Find the real you. During the first couple of days of 2015, spiritual teachers Donna Davidge and Mastin Kipp both expressed the same idea. This idea was that the new year should not necessarily be the time for a “new you” but instead an opportunity to tune in with the “real you.” You see, it's easy to buy in to what the world wants for you in the new year: a gym membership for a hotter body, more money for a nicer car, more vacations to cooler, more exotic places. There is nothing wrong with any of this but is that really what you want? Ask yourself these questions: *What type of person do I want to be?**How can I make the world a better place?**What is my gift to share in this life?*Base your New Year's “resolutions” around those ideas.


  2. Kick fear off the bridge. One of the best ways to break through negative blocks and open ourselves up to positivity and possibility is to take inventory of our fears. Gabrielle Bernstein defines a miracle as a “perspective shift from fear to love.” Here's what you do: get a piece of paper (or a few pieces of paper) and begin to jot down every fear circulating around in your head. Are you afraid of ruining your relationships? Are you afraid of poverty? Are you afraid of dying? Are you afraid that if you speak up you might be judged? Just write it all out! Nothing is wrong. Just let it out. Then, once you've created a nice healthy list start with the first fear and ask yourself, “how can I see this differently?” For example if your fear was “I am afraid that I won't have enough money to get an apartment this year” you may respond to this fear with “The universe supports me and I am always abundantly supplied with more than enough money.” Go through each fear, shifting the perspective to a positive, desirable outcome. Then, see how you feel.


  3. Surrender your outcomes! So much of our lives are spent planning, expecting, setting goals and chasing something bigger and better than what we already have. But how much of this is really in our control? We'd like to think that we can control our lives, and to a certain extent, we do, however, it's not always the way we think. Yes, it's important to have goals. Yes, it's important to strive for a better life. But the fact is that we can sometimes stand in the way of what is coming to us if we believe so strongly in a specific outcome. Try this: choose three big ideas for the way you'd like your life to look by December 31, 2015. For example, “I'd like to be in a healthy, committed relationship. I'd like to be making enough money to support myself with my paintings. I'd like to be free of debt.” Then, bless these ideas for yourself by writing them on a piece of paper and posting them somewhere that you can see them every day. And last, but most importantly, give the road map for how you will achieve these to the Universe, to God, or to whatever higher power you believe in. Give yourself permission to enjoy the ride. Most excitedly, look back on your goals at the end of the year and you will have a newfound respect for how life unfolded itself for you.


  4. Set a daily meditation practice. This can be as simple as getting on your knees and saying “thank you” for waking up. It can be an hour worth of deep breathing exercises, yoga poses and deep connection to your spirit. Whatever it is, take a specific amount of time at any point of each day to connect with yourself, to listen to your body and to breathe. Make this year the year that you really let yourself breathe. If you would like some guidance on meditating, Youtube Gabrielle Bernstein, Deepak Chopra and Yogi Bhajan, among others.


  5. Give more than you were asked for. Lack tells us that we should hold on to what we have and not give it away (information, money, time) because it fears that we will not have enough. Abundance, however, knows that the more we give the more we create in the world, thus creating more information, money, time, for ourselves and those around us. For example, if you babysit, try cleaning the family's kitchen before mom and dad get home as an extra treat. People will notice when you go above and beyond for them, even if it's something small. Try this and allow others to go above and beyond for you. Thank them when they do.

Take action immediately on these five steps and you will have yourself set up for a 2015 nothing short of spectacular!

All my love,