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Breathing Lessons

1. What is a "Breathing Lesson"? A healing session that incorporates guided meditation, body work, a health consultation and therapeutic yoga techniques.

2. How long is a "Breathing Lesson"? Plan to be here for two hours.

3. What if I'm sick? Please reschedule for a time when you are healthy again.

4. How much does a "Breathing Lesson" cost? $120. This includes tip.

5. What if I can't afford it? Can I have a discount? No, but you can trade a piece of art for a session. These are the guidelines if you choose this option: 1) Must be an original painting or drawing BY YOU. 2) Must be at least 16"x20". 3) Must be on a flat medium: for example a canvas, watercolor paper or cardboard. 4) Regardless of value, only one "Breathing Lesson" per piece of art.

6. What are the health benefits? Less stress, better sleep, pain relief (chronic and acute conditions), increased blood and oxygen to skin, muscles and organs, nice moisturized skin, faster recovery time for muscles after heavy exercise, mood improvement, anxiety alleviation, better digestion, increased range of motion, relief from depression, decreased inflammation, headache and migraine relief, endorphin floods, reduction in stretch marks, scar tissue and cellulite, increased immunity, easier labor for expecting mothers, increased mental clarity, higher metabolism, higher mental focus, less menstrual cycle complications and pains, helps to curb addictive behaviors, greater ADD and ADHD managability, reduced blood pressure.