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This was a normal day in class, about three months in to the massage program. Brent did not come in that day with a lesson, but with something even better. As he walked to his desk at the front of the room he seemed to not be able to hold in what he wanted to tell, which was

"Kerin, I know someone that wants to hire you."

Completely nonplussed, I looked around like "is he talking to me? Well he said my name, didn't he? I am not even through with school, or licensed yet!"

Come to find out, a small spa in Irmo was looking to hire someone (me as an intern until I was licensed) and Brent passed my name along. All that I was instructed to do was call. If I wanted it, it was there. I felt so blessed and immediately grabbed the opportunity.

Looking back on the situation now, I am even more grateful for that moment than I was at the time. Do not get me wrong, I knew it was amazing and that I was being given a great gift, but after working for almost three years in the business I have an even greater appreciation for it.

It's like the time when my friend Cam was given a raise at her first job without even asking for it. We were so excited to talk about the news and how crazy that was. But reality reminded she and I that this was a gift, not something to expect. An unentitled attitude I have found is so critical for success, so that we may take what comes and appreciate it for what it is while still realizing that we may not be so easily given that gift again.

My father also had a similar experience at the beginning of his career. My dad is the most honest, hardworking, quality business person I have, and probably will ever meet. Thankfully, when he was in his early twenties someone else noticed that in him as well. This person happened to be the owner of a pool company and also just so happened to be retiring. My father was given this company. Thirty years later, he has built an incredible pool business and continues to deliver quality pools one right after the other.

About a year or two ago, my mom was showing me some old stuff she had saved in a box hidden somewhere in the house. We found a book that my father had written when he was in elementary school. It looked like he had just learned how to write, but had amazing penmanship, which he still does today. On one of the pages he wrote that he would one day be an artist and build pools.(Need to check on the direct quote from that w/ mom) He always knew what his calling was, and it seems that the universe's gift to him was having that man pass along his pool company.

While I understand that these gifts are few and far between, it seems that for myself, my father and Cam that it was a way of being told "you're on the right path..this is what you are supposed to be is something to get started." Such a beautiful thing.


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