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Dropping Out, Round II

Almost immediately after leaving Clemson and moving back in with my family in Irmo, South Carolina, I was back out again. This time for good.

I quickly found a job and an apartment downtown Columbia and enrolled in classes locally. The University of South Carolina has a great Public Health program which I decided I would enroll in that year. What happened, however was the exact same thing as my Clemson experience. All I could think about was how to get out and felt like I was wasting my time and money. So I decided to drop out (again) and finally this time pursue massage.

The next step was to break this news to my parents. Keep in mind I had already dropped out of 1.Clemson and would now be dropping out of 2.USC. Needless to say, I was not excited about the conversation.

It was a summer day in 2009 that I spent working with my mom. All day I was trying to find the right moment to drop the bomb. I avoided the conversation until the very last moment when we arrived at my apartment to be dropped off. We pulled the Tacoma up to the door and as I was getting ready to get out of the car I said

“Mom..I’m not going back to USC next year. I’m going to massage school.”

So yeah she was not happy about this and reacted as I am sure most parents would in the situation. The good thing is that I was expecting the reaction so I handled it fine and left her to handle the news the way she needed to. Thankfully, I got a phone call just a little while later saying that she supported me and if that this is what I wanted to do then we would make it happen.

Afterwards, everything just seemed to fall together. My mom had a friend, Kristie who had just finished massage school in Columbia. We spoke on the phone and she told me all about the program. It sounded perfect. The classes were small and the course could be completed in six months if I went full-time.

Shortly after finding out about South Carolina Massage & Esthetics Institute I decided to stop by and enroll. After Sharon, the director took me on a tour of the school explained the program I was sold. It was that easy. I knew that is where I was supposed to be.

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