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How Kerin and Massage Fell in Love

To be honest with you, the process of being in massage school goes a little bit like this: 

"Hey do you happen to have some free time so I can give you a massage? I need to practice the neck for thirty minutes."

Somehow I always found someone to help me with my homework!

Needless to say, every aspiring Massage Therapist has done their fair share (or more than their fair share) of free massages. After a few months of practicing I began to wonder if these massages were any good. Thankfully I had tons of support and little by little my confidence grew as I received compliments and constructive criticism. I found out that people were just as willing, if not even more willing to tell me what hurt as what they liked. 

One weekend at a school clinic, I had a client with neck pain radiating down his left arm. He explained to me that he had been dealing with the pain for weeks and gave me the ok to work on it as deeply as I needed to. It was just a regular day, he was just a regular client and I was in a regular mood. Just massaging away. We started with his neck, warming up and stretching the muscles and working out some knots. Then we started working on his deltoid muscles and stretching the arm. Then what happened next is what I will always remember. I was standing up, working on his left arm, and suddenly this client began saying 

"This is AMAZING! I'm telling you, I can actually FEEL the stress coming out of my body through my arm. I can feel the pain leaving my body. I have never felt anything like this. This is the most amazing feeling I have ever had."

When what he had said sank in it hit me that this is what I was supposed to be doing. That this is what I loved to do and what I wanted to keep doing. I gained a deep respect for the profession and confidence that I would be safe there. It was literally in that moment that I fell in love with massage. 

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